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Cafe Glaze teamed with Hayward Performing Arts

Hayward Performing Arts

My daughter Zoe has been attending Ballet, Modern and Stage school classes with Hayward Performing Arts from a young age which helps with both her physical and mental health, especially during lockdowns, when classes continued via zoom. 

H*P*A teaching has lead to Zoe having some fantastic opportunities to dance with Northern Associates, and gave her the confidence to attend workshops lead by the Royal Ballet. 

www.haywardperformingarts.co.uk  in Warrington, Cheshire is an outstanding purpose built facility teaching students of all ages, from two years all the way to adulthood, an exceptional opportunity to develop and discover their Chance To Shine.

Rachel working alongside her team of industry professionals maintains the academy’s standards of excellence. With her passionate leadership every child’s journey is carefully guided by the H*P*A team and students are able to enjoy success at all levels of training and development. 


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